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Oh yeah, 2011 is starting to look like an interesting year for comic book-related movie releases with Marvel rolling out the big guns from the First Avenger to the Mighty Thor and even some an X-Men prequel. In the beginning of this year we also got some Spider-Man news as well. Oh but Marvel isn’t the only one we have our eyes on because DC has our favorite Dark Knight with an announcement a while back revealing the familiar face that will be assuming the role of Catwoman. Plus, there’s Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern.

First off, X-Men: First Class has me more than intrigued thanks to the list of characters that will make an appearance in the movie such as Emma Frost (played by Mad Men’s January Jones), a young Mystique, Beast and Havoc (not an original founding member of the X-Men but alrighty) just to name a few. Better yet, James McAvoy (from Wanted and Last King of Scotland) as a young Professor Xavier and Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds) as young Magneto is just perfectly cast in my opinion.

Then there’s Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, two very different movies starring two powerhouses that make up The Avengers … that has been hinted at since the ending credits tease in the first Iron Man movie. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the God of Thunder but the trailer makes the movie look decent enough popcorn affair.

I am, however, a fan of Captain America and not for the usual patriotic reasons but because I always thought the idea wasn’t very farfetched. I mean, as far as government military experiments on our fighting men during World War II are concerned, of course. Anyway, loved the idea of seeing Cap clash with our red skulled friend on the big screen and it actually looks decent enough.

Ok, enough about comic book movies hitting the big screens. Let’s talk about comic book movies that SHOULD be hitting the big screen as well. I’ve come up with a short list and while it leave out a few serious contenders, I should remind you that these are movies I want to see on the screen. Here it is in no particular order.

1. HellBlazer – Ok, a movie has been made with (big groan) Keanu Reeves but if Spidey gets a reboot I think this one should too with an Englishman as John Constantine and set in the U.K. without that kid from The Transformers (who is the same guy in every movie, come to think of it). I wouldn’t be upset of Garth Ennis wrote the script.

2. Groo The Wanderer – So I was thinking that a movie should finally be made about our favorite cheese dip-loving barbarian with ultra-violence and idiocy aplenty with Jack Black as Groo. I chose Jack because I’m not a big Seth Rogen fan (hence my dislike for The Green Hornet) and think he could pull it off if the movie had the right crew behind it and, of course, Sergio Aragones’ blessing.

3. Sweet Tooth – This one shouldn’t just be made into a movie but it HAS to be made into a movie. With great storytelling, a perfect cast of characters and a setting that is genuinely frightening, I can certainly see this as one of those original and brilliant post-apocalyptic movies.

4. American Vampire – I know what you’re going to say before you say it since I empathize with the bitter aftertaste left over from the overkill of too many vampire movies and shows already available but American Vampire is a different kind of vampire story. This one will definitely make a good series of movies in my opinion.

Anyway, thank you for your continued support of our revolution. You are true comrades and we thank you for all the wonderful e-mails we’ve been getting from many of you. Your words of encouragement definitely makes us want to work even harder to bring you even more content.

Long live the Comic Revolution!

Eden Zacarias


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Ok, so I checked with the Betty Ford Clinic and there’s no Comic Book Addiction programs there so I’m stuck with my addiction to comics, graphic novels and just about anything to do with superheroes. This coming from a girl who, at age 7, was already imagining my bodacious wedding to Bruce Wayne. I mean it, Halloween that year I went as Batwoman (picture not included because I’ll die of embarrassment).

Still, that’s what makes me qualified to be team leader and assemble my group of like-minded comic book junkies to form this guerilla for our little revolution. We are happy to finally be a united team under the same banner as my big brother’s site, Animanga Nation, to do bring you, our wonderful readers, comic book news and reviews.

And I’d like to take some time here to thank you all for joining us. This being the last Monthly Editorial of 2010, we thank all of you for reading our reviews and thank you for all your kind words. We couldn’t have been a success without you all and I mean there are a lot of you now from all over who share our passion for comics.

To our personal hero, Staff Sergeant Edgar Ramirez, thank you for your service to our country and your wonderful words of encouragement to us as you read this from Iraq.

I would also like to name a certain actor I won’t name here because he asked us not to mention his name after I met him in a trendy Hollywood party (talk about surreal). He discovered us one day and talked my head off about his favorite comic that he is now introducing his son. I knew he liked comics but I never thought he was THAT big of a fan. I love him even more now plus now I can tell close friends that this certain actor reads our reviews.

So, like Oprah (except without the love for fried butter), I will offer a list of my favorite things for this month.


The Walking Dead

AMC’s original show based on the brilliant comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is my idea of a slice of Heaven brought to us straight from somebody that knows the series well and actually loves it. As a result, the series has come together beautifully and is just one a great hour of television … period.


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (Xbox 306, PS3)

On top of loving comics I also love video games and this month I am lost in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. I loved the first two games and Brotherhood seems like an extension of Assassin’s Creed II but with a multiplayer component that sealed the deal for me. I bought it for the PS3 because of the bonus mission not found on the 306. I’ve become so good at stealth kills that I’m actually high up on various people buddy lists because of it.


copyright Warner Bros.

The Green Lantern

Ok, at first I wanted to see this just because I have a major crush on Ryan Reynolds but after having seen the trailier I am so looking forward to The Green Lantern for the obvious reason that it looks really cool and knowing Mr. Reynolds it will have his good sense of humor.

Well, that’s if for this month and 2010 as we move on to 2011 where we will not only bring you more news and reviews but some other new features as well. Thank you all for having been a BIG part of our success and we would also love to thank our great friends at DC Comics, Dark Horse, VIZ Media and Marvel for being a part of our family.

Long live the Revolution!

Eden Zacarias

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The revolution lives on and it is all thanks to you the loyal people who have fanned the flames of our revolution. Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement. It is because of you that we have taken up arms and brought this blog site back to the people who matters most to us … comic book fans.

I won’t bore you the usual rambling introductions of who we are but I should say that – as your Editor-in-Chief – I do like to share my opinions so you come to understand what kind of leader stands behind this revolution.

It seems that 2010 is beginning to look like a great year for comic books fans and so far the graphic novels I picked up have not disappointed. It’s also looking like an amazing year for video games, especially those connected to hot comic properities like Batman: Arkham Asylum 2.

What’s that you say, comrades? You want to know what I’m currently reading, watching and playing? Well, you pulled my arm so I’ll have to talk.

Current Big Screen Favorite: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World  – I consider this one of my favorite movie’s out this year next to Inception. If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim, you are not only missing out on a great cinematic ride but also a great adaption of the comic.

Current Graphic Novel I’m ReadingHow to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less  –  We have an advanced copy of this wonderful graphic novel that is nothing short of brilliant, entertaining and informative. We will definitely bring you a review of this title when closer to the release date, which is November.

Current Graphic Novel I’m Re-ReadingWatchman  – Alan Moore is one of my heroes and this series is proof of what a master storyteller he is so this is one of his many works you should read if you haven’t … and no watching the movie doesn’t count.

Current Game I’m Playing: Mafia II (PS3)  – I’m no PS3 fan girl or anything but if you have to buy this game I suggest you buy it on the PlayStation 3. The graphics are the SAME as the Xbox 360 version but there are some exclusive content that should be played. I have to say that I’m enjoying this fun game.

  Ok, just thought I’d share some of my favorite things for no reason at all. Oprah does it all the time, although my favorite things are something we can actually afford. Who needs a $900 iPad Snuggie anyway?

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As news of our demise lingers through the blog-o-sphere, I do not blame the comic book-loving comrades who have abandoned us in our long absence. I mean, who can blame you since we haven’t really posted a review for way too long.

I won’t give any excuses except for the fact that we have been restructuring and the owner of this blog has finally given me all the publishing rights and ownership rights to the name of this site. That means the comic book and graphic novel news, reviews and new extra features are a part of my propaganda spewing views and that of my new crew. Yes, the revolution is back and we’re staying for good.

Ok, for starters, I would like to thank my Managing Editor who is none other than Faith McAdams who is better known for her work on our big brother site, Animanga Nation. She has helped in the proceedings that had given me control of this site and the ownership rights. Thank you, Faith, you are simply too awesome for words. Plus, a special thank you to my brother, Eduardo Zacarias, for his loving support and nominating me as Editor-in-Chief of this site. I will not disappoint you, big brother.

So, in case you forgot, we are Comic Revolution … a site dedicated to not only bringing you the usual posts of news and reviews but also some extra features I wasn’t allowed to include under our old regime. We are big supporters of comic book-themed everything so that includes games, movies and other cool extras so don’t be surprised if you’ll find reviews for games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance or DVDs such as Iron Man 2.

As I mentioned above, we have a new crew I handpicked myself. Most of the old crew has gone off to bigger things and I can understand that but I need a crew who will follow me into the fires of our little revolution.

So thank you all for your kind e-mails or encouragement and the support you have given this site. It means a lot to a girl and her crew of misfits who are obsessed with comics and graphics novels.

Your Revolutionary Girl,
Eden Zacarias

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Hello, you might not know me but you may know my big brother Edward Zacarias who is the editor-in-chief of the blog site, Animanga Nation. In our household, we have stacks of classical literature and books about art but the collection our house is most proud of is the gargantuan library that holds our greatest treasure … comics!

Of course, big brother has always been fond of manga over any other graphic novels and has had a long love affair with anime since our father came back from a business trip to Japan with VHS tapes introducing him to Robotec and Astro Boy.

As for me, give me Marvel and give me DC. Give me homegrown domestic or foreign graphic novels. If we were living in Cuba I’d be the one smuggling in great classics such as The Watchmen or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the people who want it so badly. I love The Punisher and swoon at the sight of Batman. I’m no Archie and Jughead girl because my heart belongs to The Walking Dead.

And so, with that in mind, I decided to open my office right next to big brother’s office to form our own blog site. I even gather my small army of revolutionaries as well, one of which also writes and helps keep Animanga Nation in line … the admirable and dedicated anime/manga addict Faith McAdams. Here’s the rest of my staff …

Sienna Rockette, AKA Reviews Editor, is my former High school BFF who would ditch with me to our local comic book store and buy a bunch of comics to read in the park nearby. She’s been addicted to comics as long as I have and has a boy-like love for boy’s comics like the X-Men. Her favorite graphic novels happen to be Y: The Last Man.

Emma Coverdale, fellow reviewer, Emma has literally grown up in a comic book store her parents owned and operated in Chicago. While their parents retired, her love for comic books has never retired along with them. She is a lover of manga too, which shows you how much she loves all comics.

Jerry Tilden began reading comics at the tender age of 3 … of course all he could do was look at the pretty drawings and drool on them. He always tells us that when he was growing and given the choice between getting a toy or getting a graphic novel he would pick the graphic novel every time.

So, we’re just getting started here so I hope you will stay by our side and join our little revolution as we bring you comic reviews and other comic propaganda.

Long live the revolution!

Eden Zacarias

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