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Being fans of anything that DC Comic’s Vertigo line puts out, we are excited to find ourselves not only enjoying the current titles available this 2012 but also the new titles that are headed our way this coming March. In fact, those lucky enough to have picked up the free Vertigo Preview 2012 issue will find that Vertigo has four new titles that – in our opinion – has what it takes to become fan favorites.

Hitting the shelves this March are Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child, The New Deadwardians, Saucer Country and FABLES spin-off, Fairest. Each title, judging by the preview issue, fits right in with Vertigo’s line of titles perfectly and yes, FABLES fans, Fairest definitely sounds like a big hit already. Here’s what you can come to expect from the four titles:


With art by “At The Mountain of Madness” artist I. N. J. Culbard and written by “Resurrection Man” author Dan Abnett, The New Deadwardians in an intriguing eight-part vampires versus zombies tale told in an alternate version of London, England during the post-Victorian era. In the story, the upper class have volunteered to become vampires while the lower class citizens become flesh-eating zombies.

The preview introduces us to Chief Inspector George Suttle who wakes up in his home to a disturbing home invasion that sets the tone perfectly for a title with a zombie and vampire twist. Just by the preview alone we can tell the storytelling and the fantastic artwork will make this a rewarding reading experience for those who have a taste for a different kind of supernatural tale.

We come to expect The New Deadwardians #1 on sale on March 28.


Written by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds with artwork by Denys Cowan (of “The Question” fame), Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child is a new series that is soaked in that deliciously mysterious New Orleans flavor that makes this series such an intriguing one. One taste of the preview and we were already asking for the whole meal as we are thrown into the Big Easy in its most interesting and tragic times.

The story finds college student Dominique Laveau in a New Orleans that has been crippled by Katrina. She finds herself looking for answers in the tomb of an ancestor that carries her same name when suddenly she is transported to the aftermath of a slaughter. The newly deceased are all members of the court of the Voodoo Queen but there’s a single survivor and he turns his attention to Dominique!

This New Orleans bourbon-flavored supernatural tale will become available on March 21 as Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #1 hits store shelves.


“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” This is a question that will be answered in Fairest, a sort of spin-off from the FABLES series. FABLES fans will recognize the characters as writer Bill Willingham and the amazing artistic talents of Phil Jimenz, Andy Lanning and Adam Hughes.

Fairest finds FABLES characters Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Snow Queen, Rapunzel, Snow White, Rose Red and Thumbelina together as the FABLES women take center stage. In the preview we read we find a familiar “prince of thieves” and his small genie companion who promised him a different kind of riches. As it turns out, it is more than our young prince imagines.

Fairest #1 is expected to go on sale on March 7.


Those who know Paul Cornell’s body of work whether it be “Demon Knights” or “Doctor Who” know that this talented writer is certainly more than capable of bringing us a story worth sinking our teeth into and even more so when he’s backed up by our favorite “The New York Five” artist, Ryan Kelly. What we get is Saucer Country, a tale of politics and alien abductions.

Meet Arcadia Alvarado, the Mexican-American Governor of the State of New Mexico, who has her eyes set on the White House as the first female President of the United States. On the road, however, she is suddenly flooded by memories of a nightmarish encounter of the third kind. Are there aliens from another planet? What does the government know about alien abductions like her case? The only way to find out is to become President and so she sets out to win with a vengeance.

Space aliens and politics make strange but interesting bedfellows as Saucer Country #1 on March 14.


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