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Reviewed By: Ian Mintz

Publisher: DC Comics
Writers: Scott Snyder
Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Genre: Comic Book
MSRP: $2.99 USA
Rating: M (Mature)
Release Date: Available Now

Since the first issue, American Vampire has not failed to surprise or make us glad that a real vampire story worth calling itself a vampire story has returned. We’ve witnessed the birth of a new breed of vampire and the people whose life took a wrong turn when they met the first American bloodsucker named Skinner Sweet. Now, the series will take us into a new direction with a five-issue storyline called Survival of the Fittest.

The first issue of the series finds Felicia Book, agent of the vampire slaying organization known as the Vassals of the Morning Star and a rare vampire-human hybrid, confronting a man named Harding with some rather troublesome news. You see, Mister Harding is a newspaper impresario with seven newspapers under his care and Agent Book just dropped a bomb on the poor man. You see, she tells him that a vampire has been manipulating news to fit his vampire master’s agenda.

As it turns out, this vampire has been hiding in the newspaper office as an important member of the staff and, when Agent Book confronts said staff member, the man named Gil suddenly changes to reveal his real self. Suddenly, the world of vampires becomes known to Harding and after Felicia Book takes care of the vampire she makes it clear that she is going to get help from Harding whether you cooperates or doesn’t

This is but one of many of Agent Book’s duties but Skinner Sweet is never far from her mind. In fact, she makes it known that Sweet is her mission and when she does manage to make the first American vampire pay for what he did to her father … and, as a result, to her. Interestingly enough, we also get a glimpse of one of the Vassals of the Morning Star’s headquarters. It’s a good enough place to study vampires and since Felicia grew up in the place she knows it very well.

When she enters, she’s greeted with stares … all eyes interested in her and the fact that her vampire slaying record is impressive. She arrives in time to listen in on a meeting between one of the Vassals big cheeses and junior agents. Naturally, Agent Book wants to know what they’re not looking in on Sweet’s current location. It seems that there are bigger things than Sweet. You see, it’s 1941 and the world is about to be tossed into the Second World War. On top of that, there are other matters of greater importance connected to a Romanian botanist named Erik Pavel and a compound he manufactured.

As Agent book quickly finds out, Cash McCogan is in the building as well with his hybrid son locked in a cage below. It is Cash who shows up to tell Felicia that Pavel’s research has stumbled upon something that would benefit them both. The trouble is that the Vassals have lost communication with the team in charge of Pavel. It is now up to Agent Book and McCogan to go to Europe.

An interesting start, the story is just getting warmed up and ripe with a number of possibilities thanks to the era and the big revelation in the end. Just leave it to Scott Snyder to pen such an intriguing tale and although Raphael Albuquerque sits this one out, Sean Murphy is a great substitute.

Judging by this first issue of the Survival of the Fittest storyline, American Vampire is entering new and intriguing territory that looks to be the start of something truly interesting and knowing Scott Snyder it’s also going to be explosive. With talk of a cure and the beginning of a second world war, you can bet that Felicia Book and Cash McCogan will soon find themselves in the fight of their lives. American Vampire fans, you do not want to miss the beginning of this story.


Agent Book, still working for the Vassals of the Morning Star, has just secured another ally for the organization in the form of a newspaper impresario whose newspapers have been compromised by vampires. Meanwhile, we find that Cash McCogan is in headquarters with his son but the real surprise comes in the form of some news that could change both their lives as well as finally put an end to the vampire threat.

Sean Murphy is a great choice for this storyline despite the fact that fans will miss Raphael Albuquerque’s touch. Still, you have to love Murphy’s style and his cover is simply awesome.

Things are definitely going to change in the world of American Vampire and, as we can see, Survival of the Fittest is off to a jaw-dropping good start. Then again, this isn’t surprising considering the fact that Scott Snyder can spin a yarn like nobody’s business so we can certainly expect some great things from this five-part storyline.

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